First Visit

First Visit

Going to the dentist is an important step for children, as it starts them on a road to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. We know that some children naturally experience trepidation in regards to visiting the dentist. However, never fear; the team at Caldwell & Steinbring Dentistry For Children has a few tips to help ease the anxiety and best get you and your child ready for your first trip to our office.

How to Prepare

When preparing your child for their first visit, we recommend using fun and positive words. A lot of the stigma towards dentist offices is dependent on the kinds of words that are most closely associated with the visit. Therefore, in utilizing positive words, you are priming your child to have a better inherent attitude about the experience.

On a similar note, avoid using words such as: needle, pull, drill or pain, as these word associations will inflict unnecessary apprehension in your child. Overall, our office emphasizes a standard practice of using pleasant words that will convey the same message, but not seem frightening to your child.

During the Appointment

Upon visiting our Sugar Land, TX location, you will find our approach is very different from that of a traditional dentist's office. Our caring and talented staff members use the technique of "Show and Tell" to explain things to your child with consideration to their unique perspective. Your child will not be left alone throughout their appointment; one of our team will be with them at all times to comfort and answer questions as needed.

Many children actually do better when they do not have their parents in view from the dentist's chair, as this allows the doctor and/or staff to have your child's undivided attention. Accordingly, while our doors are always open and you are always welcome to check on your child, we encourage parents to relax in our waiting room while the dentist meets with them. However, know that if you feel that your child needs you at their chair side during the appointment, you are welcome to stay. (But please observe only.)

Please Note

Operative treatment, such as fillings and extractions, will not be done during the first visit (unless it is an emergency situation and treatment is required right away). Your first visit to our Sugar Land office is mainly a way for us to get to know your child, gain your child's confidence, assess their dental needs, and evaluate behavior to determine the best approach if treatment is needed.


Make Your Appointment Now

Here at Caldwell & Steinbring Dentistry For Children, we are always happy to welcome new patients. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or to book an appointment with one of our two exceptional dentists. We look forward to meeting you and helping your child get started on brighter, healthier smile today!