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group-2-fan-all-colorsInventor of The Harp, a flossing device designed for children with braces, Larry Caldwell, DDS is known as an innovator in the field of pediatric dentistry.  Always searching for a solution to a problem, Caldwell's determination to make a difference in the lives of his patients sets both him - and his practice - apart.

"Kids with braces just won't floss," explained Caldwell. "It's just too difficult. Rather than see a decline in their dental health while they are in braces because they won't floss, I wanted to be proactive and present a sound alternative. Now with The Harp, flossing is easy and effective."

When a child visits Caldwell & Steinbring Dentistry For Children, the difference becomes clear. Not only do they provide comprehensive care for all of a child's pediatric dental needs, they do it with compassion, consistent care, conservative  treatment and of course, a smile.  Services provided by Drs. Caldwell and Steinbring include:

• Specializing in Children and Children with Special Needs • Offers Various Oral Health Education Programs, In-Office and Community Based • Intravenous Sedation • Anesthesia Reversal • Laser Soft Tissue Removal • White Zirconium Crowns • High Speed Digital X-Rays • Conservative Treatment Planning • Insurance Filed as a Courtesy

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A Philosophy of Invention

frame_1546While letting his creativity take the reins, Caldwell developed and patented an orthodontic flossing device he named The Harp. "Kids with braces have a hard time flossing their teeth," Caldwell explained. "It's a lengthy process which can take 10 to 15 minutes, and no kid wants to spend that amount of time on flossing his or her teeth.  With The Harp, we can cut that time down to 30 seconds, and they can floss with one hand." The Harp orthodontic flosser has been a very successful product for Caldwell and is currently available online at

"I have other ideas, too," Caldwell admitted. "I enjoy the creative part of it, and the motivation is to help improve a person's life."

His patients' motivation, however, and that of their families, may just be that they feel Caldwell's office has precisely the right kind of environment. "He's warm, quiet, very kind and gentle with the kids," Peschel summarized. "My kids love going to the dentist. How could it be any better?"

In addition to coming in for regular check-ups at your local pediatric dentist, the most important thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright, is maintain a thorough and regular oral hygiene routine.

Unfortunately, when many patients undergo orthodontic treatment like braces, good oral hygiene habits such as flossing can go neglected. This is because getting floss in between brackets and wires can be an extremely difficult undertaking. But not anymore…

In an effort to help his pediatric dentistry patients keep their smiles clean and healthy, Dr. Larry Caldwell has created the Harp Orthodontic Flosser.

Benefits of the Harp

finalIn association with JLC Dental Products, this new dental tool will help kids and adults alike floss between braces with ease. The Harp Flosser allows the average patient to effectively and thoroughly floss their teeth in three minutes or less. It is ergonomically designed to reach all teeth while maneuvering under braces. Yes, with just one hand and a twist of the wrist, this tool will make your oral hygiene routine quick and simpler than ever.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

To ensure that when your braces are removed your smile is as bright and beautiful as possible, you want to take care of your teeth throughout your orthodontic treatment. And while brushing is a big part of that, it only accounts for 60% of your dental health maintenance; whereas flossing makes up the other 40%.

If you neglect flossing, your teeth will host more bacteria and therefore become more prone to decay and plaque development. This, in turn, can lead to many dental health issues such as gingival hyperplasia around the gums and decalcification of the teeth.

Order the Harp Flosser Today!

container-and-3-harp-pkgsAs a pediatric dentist and special needs pediatric dentist, Dr. Larry Caldwell does everything he can to not only help his patients achieve healthier, happier smiles, but also encourage good oral hygiene at home. His Harp Flosser is a breakthrough device that will allow patients to easily keep up good flossing habits when they go through orthodontic treatment.

So, order your Harp Flosser online now!

For more on this product, please visit the Harp FAQ Page and our Harp Facebook Page. Or, if you live in or around the Sugar Land, Rosenberg, or Richmond, TX area and would like to schedule and appointment with Dr. Larry Caldwell directly, contact us today!

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