Facts and Myths About Flossing

Posted on 09/02/2022

Caldwell and Steinbring Dentistry for Children in Sugar Land, TX, aims to give parents the data they need to make informed decisions about their kid's oral health. More specifically, we must emphasize how critical it is for kids to develop the habit of flossing early in their lives, avoiding complications and cavities as they age. However, let's address the elephant in the room: certain myths about the practice prevent us from understanding the beneficial nature of flossing. First, let's clear up some misguided information and spread some truth.

Myth 1: A Pediatric Dentist in Sugar Land Only Recommends Flossing After Eating

Many of us (adults included) only reach for our floss package after we've consumed a meal that makes its way into the narrow slots between our teeth. Whether it's an ear of delicious corn on the cob, spinach-infused snacks, or a tub of popcorn during a movie, most individuals are guilty of avoiding flossing unless something gets lodged.

However, plaque and bacterial buildup are often invisible to the naked eye, requiring an external tool, like floss, to remove. By flossing routinely, practitioners give their teeth a fighting hope for the future.

Myth 2: A Sugar Land, TX Kids Dentist Will Advise You to Stop Flossing if You Bleed

Sometimes, perhaps after an extended hiatus from flossing, blood appears from the gums after flossing a specific tooth. However, bleeding often subsides once the practitioner develops a healthy flossing habit. 

The reason bleeding occurs after flossing stems from the buildup of tartar and bacterial growth along the gum and tooth boundary. After removing the excess buildup, small micro tears occur along the gum line that heals over time. However, chronic bleeding could indicate a serious gum-related issue: periodontal disease.

Myth 3: It Takes Too Much Time

Perhaps the most common myth a pediatric dentist in Sugar Land hears from patients and parents is related to the time it takes to floss one's mouth. However, an adequate flossing regimen is done in two minutes or less, leaving time for individuals to carry out their routine. Rather than seeing flossing as an exhaustive chore, think of it as an insurance plan for your teeth. Not only will patients keep their bacteria at bay, but they'll also put a smile on the face of their Sugar Land, TX kids dentist.

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