Best Holiday Snacks for Braces

Posted on 10/16/2020

Larry-Caldwell-PhotoIt can be difficult choosing the right foods to eat when you have braces, you have to avoid foods that are crunchy, hard, too sticky and too chewy, and when you think of your favorite holiday snacks you might worry that they're all on the no-go list! Don't worry, there are many festive foods that are totally braces-friendly, here is a list of our favorites, so that you can make sure you're not left out of the fun!

Cakes and Pies
Even if you associate gumdrops and candy canes with the season, don't forget that cakes and pies are usually the sweet centerpiece of any holiday dinner, and they are almost always braces friendly! Soft bread and icing won't break metal wires, or get stuck in your teeth and hardware. Just avoid hard toppings like pieces of candy or crunchy nuts.

Holiday Roast
A roast turkey or ham is safe for braces and expanders as long as you cut the meat away from the bone. Be careful with steak as it can be chewy and tug on your wires, but scrumptious holiday favorites like turkey, chicken and ham are great for braces as long as you don't chomp down on a drumstick!

Casseroles are a classic seasonal favorite, and one of the most braces-friendly items on this list! Whether it is a delicious sweet potato casserole, healthy veggie casserole, or meat casserole, what matters is that it will always be soft and easy to eat with braces!

Hot soup will keep you warm all winter, and you can enjoy it without worrying about your braces. Like casseroles, soup provides the perfect opportunity to get plenty of soft vegetables and protein.

Craving sweets this holiday season, but worried about damaging your braces? Cookies are a great choice, because they're not as sugary as candy, and they're soft enough to bite and chew without hurting wires and brackets. Be mindful and avoid cookies with crunchy or sticky toppings and fillings.

Whether it's in your Christmas stocking or gelt in a game of dreidel, chocolate that doesn't contain hard nuts, nougat, or chewy caramel is not so bad for braces. Just remember that sugar sticks to your teeth and can cause cavities, so brush thoroughly after you eat it.

Always Consult your Dentist!

Every smile journey is unique, so to find out the best way to care for your teeth and braces, you should always talk to your dentist, and at Larry Caldwell D.D.S. & Associates we will create a unique treatment plan just for you. Our team specializes in pediatric dentistry and early preventative care, preparing residents of Sugar Land, Texas for a lifetime of good habits and happy teeth. Encourage joyful smiles this holiday season by booking an appointment with us today.