Every Parent Should Know About White Resin Crowns

Posted on 05/26/2022

One thing every parent dreads to hear is that their child has cavities. Sometimes it can come expected or unexpected, but there are solutions! At Caldwell & Steinbring Dentistry For Children, we strive to provide comprehensive and restorative pediatric dental care. One of the biggest treatments we give is to fix cavities. If the cavity is small, your pediatric dentist can fix the tooth with a traditional filling. However, if the decay is extensive, it may be necessary to place a crown or "cap" on the tooth. Learn how dental crowns can help fix a child's cavity.

Can You Use Crowns On Baby Teeth?

Yes! Crowns are placed on baby teeth that have large areas of decay. Using crowns allows the baby tooth to continue to act as a placeholder until permanent teeth have reached full maturity. But why not just extract the tooth or teeth? If a baby's tooth or teeth are extracted, it can lead to complications, such as blockage, misalignment, or crowding of the permanent teeth as they begin to erupt.

Stainless Steel vs. White Resin Crowns

While stainless steel crowns are an option, we recommend getting your child white resin crowns. This is because steel crowns can cause a metal allergy reaction. White resin crowns are entirely made of a composite white filling. This filling material looks very natural to the eye (a shade guide may be used to match the crown's color to the color of your child's natural teeth). However, white resin crowns do tend to absorb food stains and discolor more often than steel crowns. It can also attract plaque if brushing and flossing are not done thoroughly.

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