Necessities of Thumb and Finger Appliances

Posted on 05/11/2022

If your child is having a problem sucking their thumb, it can seem inevitable that it will never end. However, some solutions can help your child gradually quit thumb-sucking. A thumb and finger appliance can be the solution for them! At Caldwell and Steinbring Dentistry For Children, we provide comprehensive pediatric dental care in Sugarland, TX. Learn why children suck their thumbs, and how you can help them kill this habit.

Effects of Chronic Thumb Sucking

Children suck their thumbs mainly as a way to soothe themselves. While this activity might seem harmless at first, thumb sucking can lead to oral health problems later in life. When a child continues to habitually suck on their thumb, their jaw growth is compromised. Since the jawbone is soft, chronic pressure applied to the teeth by the thumb can seriously deform it. With this, the secondary teeth can come in severely misaligned. New teeth can begin to protrude outward, causing an overbite and crooked front teeth.

With thumb and finger appliances, it helps to solve these issues that become irreversible.

How Do Thumb & Finger Appliances Work?

Most thumb and finger appliances work like retainers. They are made from semicircular metal wires which form a crib on the palate. This works by limiting the thumb contact with the roof of the mouth. With the wires in the way, the child is unable to use a sucking motion. The desire to suck fingers is then lessened and the habit begins to disappear.

But what if your child thrust their tongue toward the teeth instead of toward the roof of their mouth? Thankfully, thumb and finger devices can remedy both of these issues.

You can get the device from your local pediatric dentist. Once the appliance is fitted, some see results in less than a week. The dentist can then remove the appliance once the problem has been fixed.

Get Your Child Pediatric Dental Care!

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