Summertime Dental Hygiene Tips For The Family

Summertime Dental Hygiene Tips For The Family
Posted on 06/17/2021

Summertime Dental Health, Sugar Land TX

It’s summertime, and the ice cream shops are finally serving scoops, but all year-round Caldwell & Steinbring - Dentistry For Children serves beautiful smiles to patients across Sugar Land, TX as well as the Richmond and Rosenberg areas! It is our team’s mission to deliver the highest standard of care in Pediatric Dentistry, to children of all ages, for a smile that will last them a lifetime. As summer rolls around once again, we have some helpful tips so you can kick back and relax this season without forgetting to take care of your teeth!

Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water is an absolute must during the summer. You’ll be hanging out in the sun, sweating, and swimming, but even though you’re in the water you can’t forget to drink some water too, (but not the pool water!) Health experts recommend 8 glasses of water a day, and choosing fluoridated tap water will help prevent tooth decay,

Skip the Soda

Soda sure sounds refreshing during the summer, but it is like bathing your teeth in pure sugar and acid, so it’s no wonder it is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Instead try satisfying your sweet tooth with something a little less junky like ice cream, or even better, mix up cold water with delicious strawberry or cucumber for a spa-style summer beverage.

Sunscreen Your Lips

You may be good at remembering to apply sunscreen before spending time in the strong summer sun, but have you ever sunscreen your smile? The skin on your lips has less protective melanin than the rest of your skin, so it is important to wear a lip balm with SPF to protect it from burns.

Chew this Not That

Chewing ice might be tempting in the oppressive summer heat, but that habit is actually very bad for your teeth. It can chip enamel, and cause lasting damage! If you feel the need to chew something refreshing, choose sugar-free gum! Chewing gum can increase the flow of saliva, which helps loosen and clear plaque, dislodge bits of food, and prevents decay.

Visit Your Sugar Land Pediatric Dentist

Summer is also one of the best times of year to fit in that much-needed dentist visit. Twice yearly cleanings are vital to maintaining a healthy mouth, so go get that summer spruce-up! At Dr. Larry Caldwell, your child’s teeth should be as bright, healthy, and happy as your child’s. Contact us today, we can’t wait to meet you!